to Sansui Bangladesh


“The quality of entertainment is important for me, and Sansui brush totally lived up to my expectations. The excellent colours and true to life sound quality just adds to its value. Sansui definitely seems to be committed towards its customer base as it continues to deliver state of the art products empowered with latest technology.”

“Being a tech partner with Sansui, we couldn’t stress this point more that Sansui has successfully combined best in class hardware with our digitally enhanced viewing technology, result of which can be experienced by just switching on a Faroudja powered Sansui LCD/LED.”

Faroudja – tech partner

“Bought my first LCD in 2011. It has superb sound quality which is better than all other current brands in market. Also surround sound experience with great looks and panel design. Its picture quality is best in its class and the smart feature like energy saver saves on electricity. I couldn’t have asked for more.”

Consume-Priyanka Rathore “jaisalmair”
“I have recently bought Sansui Brush Connect LED. The single remote feature for TV, my hometheatre, satellite cable and blue ray player, definitely makes life simpler. For me quality of entertainment matters a lot and this TV has lived up to its promises in that arena. It has 4000 billion colors which makes picture quality more vivid and close to real life. I have total control over the sound output with 10 band graphic equalizers, which deliver a sound quality that can’t be matched by other brands. With my 5.1 home theater this makes my place the ultimate place for watching movies with friends and family.”

Faroudja – tech partner