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Know your TV

An LCD TV has liquid crystal between the Display Panel of the TV, which gets activated when an electric current is supplied to it.

The LED TV works on the same liquid crystal platform, but light-emitting diodes (LED) are used as the back-light for this TV, while the normal LCD TV uses a CCFL back-light.  

Parameters LCDTV LEDTV
Energy efficiency Use 50-70% less energy than color television Use 40% less energy than LCD TV
Slimness Take less space &lighter in weight Slimmer & Lighter in Weight
Environment Friendly CCFL contains mercury therefore less environment friendly LED TV is more environment friendly
Health Consideration LCD televisions emit a significantly lower amount of radiation LED  televisions  emit very less amount of radiation

Sitting at the right distance from your LCD TV is an important part of optimizing the viewing experience. Sitting too far away from a small- or medium-sized screen definitely diminishes the overall impact. At the same time, sitting too close to a large screen is also less than ideal. Following table gives you an ideal viewing distance based on your screen size.

Screen size Ideal viewing distance in Feet
19” 4.75 ft
22” 5.50ft
24” 6 ft
26” 6.50ft
32” 8 ft
36” 9 ft
40” 10ft
42” 10.5ft
47” 11.75ft
55” 13.75ft

The television is no longer just a visual entertainment device, it is a lifestyle appliance and also forms a crucial part of your home décor and so apart from the features you also need a TV that suits your home the best. So, make an intelligent choice on the kind of television you want to buy.